Monday, September 6, 2010

How to Give a Cat a Pill (Using Jeweler's Tweezers)

I have tried for 8 months to give my cat (@WillieKat on Twitter) Phenobarbitol pills for his epileptic seizures. He needs to take half a pill twice a day with his food. The pills are very bitter!
I have tried grinding it into his food (he won't eat his food), shoving it into his mouth (I have gotten very bloody!), hiding it in "Pill Pockets," hiding it in Goat Cheese (worked til he licked off the cheese). I tried buying expensive Compound Liquid (too expensive), and even making the compound myself by grinding the pill and mixing it with Tuna water - but you still need to get the syringe full of that into his mouth - Not on your clothing!!
Friskies Party Mix and Petromalt (I got this at a pet shop/groomer)
This is tried and true! Friskies Party Mix stars are large enough to handle. Use tweezers (any kind will do) instead of  fingers on the pill. The cat can smell the pill when you touch the star sandwich, so DON'T touch the pill with your fingers!!

Choose the stars (easier to handle) 
Squeeze Petromalt onto each side of the Star
Use tweezers to press pill into malt
Perfect "Hidden Pill Sandwich"

Make sure you place the sandwich near the edge of the bowl so it stays firm and together.
 The cat won't smell the pill inside and will eat it first!
BEST ADVICE: Give this to Kitty BEFORE the rest of the food as an appetizer!!

Here's a tip: Plan ahead if you don't have the time, or if a neighbor has to feed your cat:
Make "Hidden Pill Sandwiches" and keep in the fridge! (wrap in a baggie) 
Plan ahead and refrigerate sandwiches

Friday, January 8, 2010 | Blog

Rothstein Jewelers in MerchantCircle Blog
Rothstein Jewelers of Beverly Hills thanks MerchantCircle for giving us the opportunity to be interviewed by the LA Times. We were featured along with Sprinkles Cupcakes for using social media and to help our "small business." We have a fan page on facebook: Rothstein Jewelers of Beverly Hills (please join us!)
I became a Forum Moderator after becoming a Top Merchant on the MerchantCircle Network. I love helping people in general, and also other merchants develop their pages, solve problems, and network.
Our store has developed a fine reputation for our jewelry services (engagement rings, repairs, appraisals, ear piercing, gold-buying for cash) as well as for our humanitarian outreach. We hope to continue to help more people as we grow. (so please visit us!)
Call with questions (310) 858-3800 / (800)544-7440

Saturday, February 14, 2009 Scam hurt so many naive people

How many times did you see that commercial for on TV and wonder....
"Who on earth would send their jewelry in the mail and really expect to get their money??"
...What is this new "internet only" company? How on earth can you trust them??"

Well, it turns out you can't. People sent their jewelry through the mail in a package that was only insured for $100! (Not disclosed.) If it didn't get to the company, too bad!! Some people actually got checks for UNDER $1.00 - yes that's under ONE DOLLAR!!

You want to get ill- click the link below. Read these complaints & comments. Interesting note- there's even a response from the blaming the consumer, & saying maybe they didn't make things clear enough - "that you won't even get as much from them as from a Pawn Shop!"

If you are looking for a reputable jeweler in Los Angeles, you should come visit us: Rothstein & Co. Jewelers in Beverly Hills, on Olympic and LaPeer. We weigh your gold right in front of you, do the acid test for karat quality of gold content, and give an estimate based on the gold market. If you want your stones back, we will give them to you. The only amount we deduct from your total is the fee for melting the gold and the assay fee, and a 10% handling fee.

And yes, the gold really does get melted. If it's 14 karat, the pure gold in it is only 58% pure; if 18K, it's 75%, and 10K is only 41% pure. We only get paid on the pure 24K part; the rest is alloy metals that has made it strong enough to wear.

The reality is that sometimes your gold jewelry measures a little less than what it's stamped (because of the steel springs in the locks, the steel in the cufflinks and some earrings, and the under-carat solder), but NOT the pennies that the Cash4Gold thieves send you!!

You should go to someone who has been in business for a long time, and check out the reviews and recommendations. Read our other Blogs and do a search on us on Google or or for assurance & trust.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Scrap Your Gold with Us, for Cash or New Jewelry

Now is the time to look through your jewelry box for old Gold & Platinum jewelry: single earrings, out-dated styles, inherited baubles, gold coins, & broken jewelry. Bring it to us & we will analyze it for purity & value. Together we can design for you something gorgeous that you will enjoy wearing, using your old stuff for credit. Or if we are melting gold right away, we can pay you instead. The Gold Market just spiked UP again to $900 per ounce!

Wouldn't you feel much more comfortable bringing your valuable & sentimental jewelry to someone you trust? At least you can meet the actual people who do the designing & much of the work. Read our customers' reviews! We show you with a lighted magnifier what your diamonds or gemstones look like inside, so you really know you are getting back your original stones. You can make new keepsakes out of precious old ones by wearing your loved one's stones in your new rings, pendants, or earrings. We even have wax molds you can look thru for ideas.

Don't just send your jewelry off into a pre-labeled package to some new "fly-by-night" company!! How do you know you'll ever get any money at all? Where did these people pop up from? Will they send you back your jewelry that is not solid gold, but still worth keeping? Are you just going to cross your fingers, throw it in the mail, & hope it works??

Well, I hope you read our reviews by real customers on each of the local search pages, and go to the testmonial page of our website: We have been in business in the SAME location since 1989! Even when people ship us their old gold we call them to let them know it got here safe & will be taken care of soon. With the Gold Market being so high right now, we are scrapping lots of Gold & Platinum & love to make new memories out of old. We also give you back your "non-scrappable" jewelry, because maybe you can give it as a gift to a child, or donate it to one of our charities. Call for more info (310)858.3805

St. Louis Ring before: St. Louis Ring after; Beverly Hills before:

Beverly Hills after:

We Don't Switch Diamonds - We Educate You

Reputable Jewelers

If you are looking for a Reputable Jeweler in Beverly Hills or West Los Angeles, please visit J. Rothstein Jewelers in Beverly Hills. We do appraisals without keeping your precious & sentimental jewelry for long periods of time. When you bring your diamond rings in for repair work, we show you with the lighted magnifier what your diamonds look like inside and out, so you will recognize it upon pick-up. (Your rings get professionally cleaned & polished, so sometimes they look too good!) I will even take a close-up digital photo of your diamond beforehand, and email it to you!

If you bring in loose stones or gold to sell, we weigh them right in front of you before we custom - design your new jewelry. For delicate antiques and vulnerable stones, we use the latest LASER technology for ring sizing and soldering. We want you to be comfortable with us handling your heirlooms or new engagement rings.

I do the pearl and bead restringing myself. We change watch batteries while-you-wait, even for most Movado, Omega, Raymond Weil, Cartier, Tag Heuer, etc. For Rolex watch service, we employ a man with over 25 years experience. He used to work for Rolex in Switzerland! We give a one year warrantee on watch service. We do engraving, but not in our store. Our engravers are very trustworthy. One does the most beautiful hand-engraving!

Please read the reviews about us in the yahoo! local web pages for Beverly Hills, and check out the Testimonials on our main website and on MerchantCircle. We are in the top rankings in the Google search results for Jewelry Repair, Jewelry Appraisals, & Ear Piercing in 90211! We really value our customers and strive for long-term customer relationships. We want you to be happy with our services, as we depend mostly on referrals by word-of-mouth and our internet reputation.

Our prices are low. We are NOT in the overpriced high-rent district of Beverly Hills, but in the local neighborhood: 8950 W. Olympic Blvd. at LaPeer. We're in that great little mall, above La Provence Patisserie, LaPeer Beauty Supply, Sophie's Produce, Flair, & Chef Ming's Chinese restaurant. Down the hall is Flier Furs, Hollywood Tanz, and David Dru Salon (& more). I mention this because these are all really nice independent business owners with Great Reputations! We have survived this roller coaster economy, and hope to continue serving the family of our loyal customers, and making new ones for life.

Thank you. We wish you all a better 2009! ~Janet Rothstein 310.858.3800