Monday, September 6, 2010

How to Give a Cat a Pill (Using Jeweler's Tweezers)

I have tried for 8 months to give my cat (@WillieKat on Twitter) Phenobarbitol pills for his epileptic seizures. He needs to take half a pill twice a day with his food. The pills are very bitter!
I have tried grinding it into his food (he won't eat his food), shoving it into his mouth (I have gotten very bloody!), hiding it in "Pill Pockets," hiding it in Goat Cheese (worked til he licked off the cheese). I tried buying expensive Compound Liquid (too expensive), and even making the compound myself by grinding the pill and mixing it with Tuna water - but you still need to get the syringe full of that into his mouth - Not on your clothing!!
Friskies Party Mix and Petromalt (I got this at a pet shop/groomer)
This is tried and true! Friskies Party Mix stars are large enough to handle. Use tweezers (any kind will do) instead of  fingers on the pill. The cat can smell the pill when you touch the star sandwich, so DON'T touch the pill with your fingers!!

Choose the stars (easier to handle) 
Squeeze Petromalt onto each side of the Star
Use tweezers to press pill into malt
Perfect "Hidden Pill Sandwich"

Make sure you place the sandwich near the edge of the bowl so it stays firm and together.
 The cat won't smell the pill inside and will eat it first!
BEST ADVICE: Give this to Kitty BEFORE the rest of the food as an appetizer!!

Here's a tip: Plan ahead if you don't have the time, or if a neighbor has to feed your cat:
Make "Hidden Pill Sandwiches" and keep in the fridge! (wrap in a baggie) 
Plan ahead and refrigerate sandwiches

Friday, January 8, 2010 | Blog

Rothstein Jewelers in MerchantCircle Blog
Rothstein Jewelers of Beverly Hills thanks MerchantCircle for giving us the opportunity to be interviewed by the LA Times. We were featured along with Sprinkles Cupcakes for using social media and to help our "small business." We have a fan page on facebook: Rothstein Jewelers of Beverly Hills (please join us!)
I became a Forum Moderator after becoming a Top Merchant on the MerchantCircle Network. I love helping people in general, and also other merchants develop their pages, solve problems, and network.
Our store has developed a fine reputation for our jewelry services (engagement rings, repairs, appraisals, ear piercing, gold-buying for cash) as well as for our humanitarian outreach. We hope to continue to help more people as we grow. (so please visit us!)
Call with questions (310) 858-3800 / (800)544-7440