Saturday, February 14, 2009 Scam hurt so many naive people

How many times did you see that commercial for on TV and wonder....
"Who on earth would send their jewelry in the mail and really expect to get their money??"
...What is this new "internet only" company? How on earth can you trust them??"

Well, it turns out you can't. People sent their jewelry through the mail in a package that was only insured for $100! (Not disclosed.) If it didn't get to the company, too bad!! Some people actually got checks for UNDER $1.00 - yes that's under ONE DOLLAR!!

You want to get ill- click the link below. Read these complaints & comments. Interesting note- there's even a response from the blaming the consumer, & saying maybe they didn't make things clear enough - "that you won't even get as much from them as from a Pawn Shop!"

If you are looking for a reputable jeweler in Los Angeles, you should come visit us: Rothstein & Co. Jewelers in Beverly Hills, on Olympic and LaPeer. We weigh your gold right in front of you, do the acid test for karat quality of gold content, and give an estimate based on the gold market. If you want your stones back, we will give them to you. The only amount we deduct from your total is the fee for melting the gold and the assay fee, and a 10% handling fee.

And yes, the gold really does get melted. If it's 14 karat, the pure gold in it is only 58% pure; if 18K, it's 75%, and 10K is only 41% pure. We only get paid on the pure 24K part; the rest is alloy metals that has made it strong enough to wear.

The reality is that sometimes your gold jewelry measures a little less than what it's stamped (because of the steel springs in the locks, the steel in the cufflinks and some earrings, and the under-carat solder), but NOT the pennies that the Cash4Gold thieves send you!!

You should go to someone who has been in business for a long time, and check out the reviews and recommendations. Read our other Blogs and do a search on us on Google or or for assurance & trust.

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  1. I KNEW that kind of stuff was a scam! I'd never send MY jewelry through the mail - call me skeptical and untrusting if you wish!